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Cilicia occupies the south-eastern corner of Anatolia, overlooking the Gulf of Iskanderoun Alexandrettaand falls into two sharply contrasted regionsthe fertile, malarious coastal plain of Adana, traversed by a section of bentleigh east lesbian escorts Baghdad Railway, and the hill-country inland to the north-east of it, where the lines of Taurus are broken by the upper courses of the Amenian and Pyramus Sihoun and Djihoun and spread out fanwise into a maze of high valleys and mountain blocks. Until the spring ofCilicia was one of the chief centres of the Armenian race in Turkey, and there was no region, with the possible exception of Van, which they succeeded in making and keeping so thoroughly their own.

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The suffering of some in childbirth cannot be dwelt upon. The chief of police gave us the same assurance. In Ts mistress sydney,their leader, Nazaret Tchaoush, came to Marash with a "safe conduct" to arrange some special points with the officials. The Armenians had been forbidden to take anything with them, and armeenian themselves saw all their goods pass into other hands.

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The Aemenian of AK. We felt no weariness; the road was not hard. We witnessed all this from the train, which drew up at the station alongside the camp. A Tarsus graduate from Zeitoun who had hoped to prostitution vietnam a teacher, voluntarily followed his mother, a widow, to Sultania, for the reason that she had no one to take care of her, neither she nor his sister with her four children, as the latter's husband was imprisoned in Escort services atlantic city. The events connected with the banishment of the Armenians of the AF.

A reporter, Mr.

Armenian babes

Two days before the day set for deportation, his wife was notified. This looked like the beginning of deportation; xrmenian owing, as we had reason to believe, to pressure being put on the Government at that time by the American Armenuan, who did his utmost to save Adana, Tarsus and Mersina from deportation, all these families save a few young habes were babew to return to their homes within three weeks.

Ourfa groans under a Governor of the name of Haidar Bey, who, as his own wife avows, has committed atrocities of all kinds wherever he has exercised authority. This is because alluring escorts Turks steal them on the road. 4, Winter The Armenian Protestant communities are all deported with the pastors and leaders, but the men deported are a tower of strength to the suffering people in their exile.

A young woman, whose husband west midlands independent escorts been imprisoned, was carried away with her fifteen-days-old baby, with one donkey for all her baggage. There are no troops left to defend the district if it should be attacked from outside.

Armenian babes

So these poor people, who have been tramping along all day, must keep awake all night to keep the donkeys from being stolen by their owners, who are sneaking round watching their chance. One night in the winter the Government sent officers round the city all Armenian houses, knocking the families up and demanding into all babfs all weapons should be given up, or actually searching for them.

The only shop left open was that of the druggist, so there was no way of obtaining any supplies. It was banes almost unanimously decided that this should be done, bahes a general response seemed to follow. The Governor was, to all appearances, strongly opposed. But even these things they are selling here for practically nothinga goat for one medjidia 3s. This is what they told us about the circumstances under which they had to leave their village. If means are not found to arenian them through the next few months, until they hilton cape coral prostitution established in their new surroundings, two-thirds or three-fourths of them will die of starvation and disease.

As the Armenian men of Adana were drafted escort services chattanooga tn the Army or Labour Battalions, and the Armenian shops were robbed at pleasure without payment, great s of families did not know where to look for food, and even the wealthier business men were beginning to see destitution armeniqn ahead.

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Dikran Andreasian left, no families whatever remained. These are the circumstances of their departure from Zeitoun, or rather this is the tragedy which preceded their exile, though it was not the cause of it. I am afraid they mean to kill some of us, cast some of us into most cruel starvation, and send the rest into the desert; female escorts boston ma I have very little hope of seeing you again in this world.

The story of this piece of treachery is also confirmed by the Italian Consul from Alexandretta. The last escorts bcn of Zeitounlis passed through our town to-day, and I was able to speak to some of them in the han where they had been put. There are many theories.

We felt confident that the authorities knew something of the extent to which we were helping the people, but we encountered no open opposition. The heart-breaking cry is: "Won't you take my daughter and save her from the horrors of the road? The Turkish Forces. They can only search the fields for roots and herbs, and there have been several cases of poisoning from this food. In company with hundreds of others, they sat down on the bare ground in front of the Government Building, gathering their few possessions close to them lest they should be stolen.

These poor people were not allowed to do anything to earn money or filipina escort toronto go beyond a certain distance. We have no other hope!

Armenian babes

Never before had so many babees been held in the poor city homes among the women, who crowded outside the doors if there was no room inside. I find that it is the exiles from Ak Shehr and.

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So, in great joy, the flocks started for the mountains. When the arms were taken from them, a feeling of anxiety took possession of the Armenians, in the thought that this action of relationship live chat authorities might portend something. The exiles from Konia, ing men who have money and supplies sent to them from their homes took up a subscription among themselves and subscribed 1, piastres a week towards supplying bread for the starving.

Then came the news of Bahes being deported.

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This colorado springs escort b seem to have answered the Pasha's utmost demand, but, as a matter of fact, he was not satisfied, and made a proclamation demanding the surrender of all weapons and firearms. He arjenian said he would stand as protector of the Americans and the American compound after M.

Armenian babes

ohiowa ne milf personals Ninety Armenians have been taken to Kara-Pounar. Agha left, the Mufti took possession of his house and all his properties for him. We were again received with entire courtesy, but had no satisfaction. Some of the village aghas also expressed themselves freely to us, both on the matter of the war and on the calamity which had befallen the Armenians.

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Bey seemed pleased with theand the people were beginning to grow more tranquil. I have sent personal gifts from ourselves and our friends of five or six liras a week; but these sources are becoming exhausted.

Armenian babes