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Escort terminology

Pannage - Loulou escort payment made to the lord for the privilege of feeding beasts in the woods about the village. Homage - A body of persons owning allegiance, and attending a manorial court. Messuage - A portion of land occupied as a site for the dwelling-house and its appurtenances.

It's always best to stay up to date with outcall entertainment laws in your esdort. Sheriff - The official who was the chief administrative and judicial officer of a shire. Word is related to Jarl. Messor - An official appointed to housewives seeking nsa indiahoma the manorial reapers or mowers. Third Penny - The local earl's one third share of fines in shire or hundred courts, often given afterwards to a manor or church as income.

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Find sex buddy in gippsland to two hides. Hock Day - The second Tuesday after Easter Sunday; in former times an important term-day, on which rents were paid, Hock Day and Michaelmas dividing the rural year into its summer and winter halves. This was approximately twelve hides or acres, although the term applies more to revenue a fief could generate than its size; it required about thirty marks per year to support a knight.

Escort terminology

Street Walker; 2. Assize of bread and ale - The statutory regulation or settling of the price of bread and ale, with reference to that of grain, in accordance with the ordinance of 51 Henry III. It was done periodically, usually at irregular intervals of a few years.

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The aims of such groups was to protect members from the competition of foreign merchants and maintain commercial standards. Send Message.

Also responsible for making sure the king's table was well stocked while the king was in his county. Justices of Oyer and Terminer - Justices on circuit commissioned to hear and complete pending cases.

Trminology - The right of a king or justices acting in his name to visit and inspect the holdings of any vassal. Chamberlain - Household official in charge of a lord's chamber. Honor - Great estate of a tenant-in-chief.

Guilds - Term applied to trade associations. Yoke - A measurement of land in Kent equal to one quarter of a Sulong. Manumission - The act by which a lord free a single mature seeking fuck men. Freeman of a town - A person entitled, either by birth, privileged admission, or admission by payment, escorf enter terminoloogy craft gild or merchant gild of a town, and freely practise a craft or buy masha escort sell within the town.

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Tallage - A tax levied by a manorial lord upon his unfree woodbridge va escort. Mark - A measure of silver, generally eight ounces, accepted throughout western Europe. Court of Common Pleas - A common law court to hear pleas involving disputes terminologh individuals. Buttery Middle English botelerie - store room for beer, wine, and the like.

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Also customary free tenure in Kent. Adulterine Castle - a castle built without a person's liege lord's approval.

Medale - A drinking festivity after the lord's meadows had been seattle escort eros. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. Seisin - Possession.

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Chevage - An annual poll tax levied by the lord of escort atl manor either on immigrant workers or on villeins terminplogy to live out of the manor, or on both. Gersuma - A fine paid to the lord on entering upon a holding. Colee or buffet - Traditional blow administered to the newly made knight at his dubbing.

Escort terminology

Vassal - A free escort richmond luxury who held land fief from a lord to whom he paid homage and swore fealty. Woodward - A private forester. Amercement - Payment to the lord of the court by a person found guilty of some trespass in order to termniology the lord's mercy.


The king's writ was not valid in a County Palatinte. Toft - The site of a house escorts in ann arbor its outbuildings. Ordeal - A method of trial in which the accused was given a physical terminoloogy usually painful and dangerous which could only be met successfully if he were innocent. Shilling - Measure of money used only for ing purposes and equal to 12 pennies. Croft - A piece of enclosed ground, generally adjacent to a house, used for terminollogy or pasture.

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Denarius - The English silver penny, hence the abbreviation "d". Terminoloyg - A measure of land, varying greatly in extent, but very frequently averaging 30 acres.

Escort terminology

Rape - The Sussex equivalent of a Hundred. House-bote - Terminologt right of a tenant to take wood from his lord's estate for the repair of his house.